DSW Marine Engineering Tracking and Security Alarms

DSW Marine Engineering Tracking and Security Alarms gives you the peace of mind to know whats going on with your vessel in real time.

Using the International cellular network, you are able to track the movement of your boat if it's taken out, with or without your permission!

You are able to track your boat on Google Earth and stay up to date easily, recieving sms messages every 10 minutes informing you of its position and speed.

The additional features of DSW Marine Alarms mean you have access to a variety of functions, such as whether your bilge has a leak, someone is onboard, if your anchor is dragging or even if your outboard, wind generator or radar are being stolen!

There are two alarm designs, the Basic System and the Bespoke Advanced System, with up to 16 functions to cater for all your requirements.

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